We are a small ecological wine grower from the Appellation of Origin Tarragona, located in the town of Rasquera (Tarragona), in the county of Ribera d’Ebre, between the counties of Priorat and Terra Alta. It is the only ecological wine grower from the Appellation of Origin Tarragona.

Our philosophy is to produce little, but well. In other words, to give greater importance to quality over quantity and always following the principles of ecological farming.

When we acquired the estate where we carry out our activities, it came with the town house where we live. We had always considered the possibility of planting the traditional crops of the region which had been lost during the 70s, 80s and 90s. These crops had always been grapevines and olives. Therefore, we have conserved all the century and millennium-old olive trees on the estate. But in order to be able to cultivate grapevines, it was necessary to transplant a part of these olive trees to other parts of the estate, and this is precisely what we did. Once it had been decided what would be cultivated, we decided that that as we would be returning to the traditional farming methods, then why not work the land as they did before, without herbicides, pesticides or chemical fertilisers. For this reason we opted for ecological farming. We want to produce and sell quality and health. This is the first and most important message.

The second message upon which the project is founded is to encourage the consumption of ecological products and therefore we have to offer customer a product that is just as good as that of the competition that uses conventional farming methods and at a price that is not much higher or the same, quality for quality. It is for this reason that the price of our wines must not be much higher than non-ecological wines and with a similar quality. We want to give more for a similar price.

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